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all you need are seeds… now available on nook and itunes


Date: 07/01/2013

Contact:           Rachel M. Walls

Get your glasses and tool belt ready to enjoy the read! And subsequent life-altering change…

all you need are seeds… a socio-political self-help memoir about organic gardening, the go-to, how-to manual on living life authentically, is now available on Nook and iTunes.

Washington, DC – Using the timely metaphor of organic gardening, all you need are seeds…, dares readers to take individual responsibility for creating the lives they’ve always wanted. Written and published by Rachel M. Walls, seeds… is a self-examining journey that begins with developing a plan and leads to a bountiful harvest, for readers willing to do the work. Now available on Nook and iTunes, seeds… is for seekers of lifelong lasting change with thumbs that aren’t so green.

Inspired by principles learned in a permaculture design course, Rachel intricately weaves her life’s experiences, razor-sharp wit, and quirky sense of humor with patterns of nature to encourage sustainable growth and healing. seeds… uses exercises and excerpts from an incredible life and a year-long journey to various countries around the world to empower readers to find their authentic selves and grow a tomato or two.

A former high school dropout and teen mom, Ms. Walls overcame all odds to live her childhood dream of becoming an attorney, before realizing that five-year-olds can’t be trusted to make career decisions. Six years into that unfulfilling career, she walked away from it all, thus discovering her true calling as a healer, a writer, a ‘Revolutionary Love Heroine’ with an amazing testimony to share with the world.

seeds… has already influenced and changed lives across gender, race and socio-economic lines:

“All You Need Are Seeds is an excellent book. I recommend it to all people. It’s one to read over and over again…” Kathy C., North Augusta, SC

“I’m only a handful of pages in and already it’s been life changing. This is going to be amazing (for the rest of my life). Thank you universe!” Allyson V., Las Vegas, NV

“This self-help memoir is cleverly positioned as a guide to organic gardening… The result is a page-turning, dog-eared and well-loved book with a revered spot on my bookshelf, to be sought out whenever I need a reminder that, in life, all you need are seeds.” Rufina N., Potsdam, NY

In addition to Nook and iTunes, seeds… is available at in paperback and on Kindle. To learn more and/or contact the author, visit Ms. Walls welcomes interview, reading, signing, and book club invitations.

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