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a call to action

if you’re anything like me, you’ve spent a considerable amount of time in the past few weeks, contemplating the state of the world. seeing horrid images and reading stories of … Continue reading

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good vibrations

i found myself nearly engaged in a battle of ego versus wit, right versus wrong today. it all stemmed from a poor decision to comment on a highly charged issue on … Continue reading

2014/07/09 · 2 Comments

traditionally speaking

a few weeks ago, while en route from a major u.s. city to a smaller city in the same state, i chose to take advantage of a ride on a … Continue reading

2014/07/03 · 3 Comments

behind the poem: favorite sweater

i thought i’d share the meaning behind my most personal poetry performance to date… favorite sweater. thanks to all of you for viewing and sharing – the video set an all … Continue reading

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poetry: favorite sweater

favorite sweater i guess what you are witnessing is the seeking of rejection inside of acceptance. reflections of a seven-year-old girl waiting in vain for her daddy’s love that like … Continue reading

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“wise words never lose their wisdom because of the tongue that uttered them”  -rachel m. walls

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loving you, it’s easy

“’cause you’re beautiful” okay. maybe just being beautiful ain’t enough to make loving every bit of you easy. or maybe you’ve not reached the point of believing in your beauty … Continue reading

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today’s energy

each day, i draw from a deck of energy cards. the card grounds me in existing energy and reminds me of what i must cultivate...

today's energy is:

resonance... mmm, you feel that?

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