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who are you? i’m rachel m. walls. just like you. human. writer. revolutionary love warrior.

revolutionary love warrior? yep. it’s who i am. the term came to me while thinking of the u.s. revolutionary war. how the people of that time were fighting for freedom and change. i am too. except instead of fighting for it, i am choosing to love for it. in it. as it.

what’s up with that symbol – the one that looks like a flower crossed with a butterfly? oh, that… it’s the bese saka. a symbol of abundance from ghana. representative of a sack of cola nuts, it represents what seeds… is all about: beyond abundance, the ability of agriculture and trade to bring people together.

why do you always write in lower-case letters? i don’t always write this way. just on the blog, on the facebook page and on twitter. the book that shares its name with this site is actually written in standard typing. i do it here because i write about topics with heavy meanings, keeping the letters in lower-case reminds me of my place in this world. it reminds me to remain humble. it keeps me grounded.

speaking of the book, what is it about? well. it’s all about changing one’s life. how i changed mine. how you can, too.

what if i like my life as it is? then kudos to you! i once thought i did too. and then when i took an honest look at myself, it became clear that i didn’t know who i really was or what i really liked and in that, i saw great unhappiness, spurring the desire to change. to learn to truly love myself. to live life authentically. without pretense. according to my terms. and ya know, life has become so much greater than i could have ever imagined. try it. you’ll be surprised at what you find.

my life is a mess. do you really think a seed can help me? chile, let me tell you… before i set out on this path to become my authentic self, i was out of control. insecure. materialistic. broken. a mess. looking at my life and seeing who i am today, i am proud to say that i am  a woman who loves, honors and respects herself, humanity and this planet we call home. if i can change, trust me… everyone can change.

and what’s up with that subtitle!? ahh. a socio-political self-help memoir about organic gardening has a few folks perplexed, i’ve heard. well. it’s something that just came to me during the writing process. many of the things i noted about myself, i found, are rooted in social and political issues far removed from my life, yet had so much power over it. i chose to call it a self-help memoir, because it kind of is. not exactly falling into either genre, i realized that i’d combined the two. and added organic gardening… because that’s what it’s all about. 🙂 and, you must admit, the whole thing is a little quirky – just like me.

why organic gardening? it’s the metaphor used throughout the book that helped me along my journey. as i worked through my own issues and through the writing process, i realized the timeliness of this message. not only for your soul – but the steps and tips that i provide are equally useful in an actual garden. you can grow your own food. which i highly recommend… there is nothing more healing than playing in the dirt. or delicious than fresh, sustainably grown produce.

where can i get it? it’s available in paperback and on kindle at, paperback and nook at barnes & noble and as an ebook on iTunes. contact me to order a personalized copy.

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