all you need are seeds…

socio-political self-help and stuff


seeds represents a thought. a movement. the start of something… revolutionary.

in accordance with the book that it shares its name, all you need are seeds… is about sowing social change from within.

we are in your community. making our way into your kitchen and belly. we are in the street. planting life, love and social change – one person at a time. we are on your mind. so tell everyone.

this is a commitment to being the change we wish to see in the world. which means that we are breaking free from the mental slavery that kept us beholden to corporate interests, instead of our own. taking better care of ourselves, our communities, our planet.  removing the labels and boundaries that made us forget our humanity. respecting the earth and all of its abundance. teaching others to do the same.

pretty much all you need.

oh… about that author

and your frequently asked questions

5 comments on “about

  1. ~~~S Wave~~~

    Look like our blogs have a lot in common! Hope you’ll come check us out at Life As a Wave. Looking forward to following you!

    • Rachel

      You are right. And beautiful! The story of Fitzgerald! Touching. Thank you for reaching out and sharing.

      The world is truly experiencing great change… It’s great to look around and see others who are moving & shaking it up!

  2. Alania

    Rachel…i am truly uplifted by your words and your LIGHT!! You hold such great and loving intentions for us ALL…and you remind us too…to hold the Light with~IN!!! Thank you for ALL you do!! I have been greatly blessed by your support and your inspiration…and i would like to lovingly nominate you to receive the Beautiful Blogger Award!!! ♥ May you always be blessed on your journey!!!

    • Rachel

      wow, Alania, i so appreciate your nomination. and all of the wonderful things you say about my blog. i always say that it takes light in one to recognize it in others. keep shining as bright as you do. 🙂

  3. nelvapamela

    Happy Day!


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