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you never no

let's ride...

let’s ride…

and nope, that’s not a typo. although, it definitely means how it sounds… it is true, one can never really be absolutely, positively, definitely sure of what’s ahead – especially when you have no real plan. but this is all about seizing life by its horns and shaking the crap out of it. 🙂 which is where i find myself in this moment.

you see, as of yesterday, i had no clue what was ahead. (i know, i never really do), but seriously, just twenty-four hours later, i have a plan and a plane ticket to yes. wherever that is, which is wherever this journey leads me. what was happened was, last week, a friend, who i happened to randomly meet at a random atm in panajachel, guatemala, posted her need of a road trip buddy for the upcoming week. something about it spoke to my soul. i knew i’d be in that car.

so i responded. just to put an initial feeler out… but i knew. and i didn’t no. because my logical side was like, ‘why don’t you just fly all the way to where you are really going? i mean, the flight time isn’t too much different, or the cost of the one way ticket to the unknown…’ but there’s something about adventure that keeps calling my name, so i bit the bullet and bought the ticket halfway to my destination, and am decidedly rolling with a homie for the other half. how coolishly epic is that?

the thing is, we’ve never had the chance to really hang. i have honestly spent more time with her parents (very long story involving a return to the states and being a mule for things that don’t come easy in the developing world) than i have with her. and i am not scared one bit. because i trust that voice. the voice of my spirit that is telling me that no is not an option this go round. and lo and behold, the second i said yes, i can’t even tell you how many blessings i’ve been uhh, blessed with.

the moral of the story kids, is to listen to that voice when faced with yes/no options. it will never steer you wrong and you never know where you might end up… i will be sure to share pics from the road. vamanos!


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