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take a bow

wpid-img_20140817_150519.jpgthis goes out to you. you. and you… 🙂 i went to sleep last night and awoke this morning with so much gratitude in my heart i can hardly contain it. it started with me thinking of all of the people who’ve come and gone or stayed in my life and how grateful i am for each and every one of them uh, you. i remembered past hurts and joys and loves and failure and triumph through a lens of appreciation instead of with eyes that could only see the negative. i started saying thank you to each person that’s crossed my path. mostly those in recent memory, due to slight advanced age – ha! i felt as if all of you had stepped onto the stage of my life and the curtain had gone down and various bouquets were being tossed onto the stage and the audience (er, me) went wild with excitement and joy and more of that gratitude… truly a sight to imagine.

now, don’t get it twisted. i’m not leaving anytime soon. my work here isn’t nearly done. shoo, i’m just getting started! accepting and recognizing that a new chapter has begun. a new day. that phoenix rising from the ashes. hope you’re ready for the next act. i am.

“now can i get an encore, do you want more?” | jay-z

5 comments on “take a bow

  1. sara

    it’s such a wonderful thing when we can look back even on painful experiences and be grateful for where they lead us (here) and what they taught us xo

    • rachel m. walls

      yes, indeed. it’s been a long time coming – but now that i’ve got this little lesson down… 🙂 so grateful. thanks for the encouragement. and that 40 day heart kriya starts today!!!

      • sara

        That’s so great. I’m cheering for you on the sidelines!

  2. Alania Starhawk

    I feel the Joy, the Excitement, and the Sweet Anticipation flowing through each word!! BRAVA Dear Sister!! You’re amazing! !!

    • rachel m. walls

      thank you! it brings me the utmost joy knowing that you can feel it! i am your reflection – that makes we beautiful. 🙂 hugs. big ones!


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