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seeds…pushing through the pavement

a few days back, i shared a bit of information about pushing through the pavement: a permaculture action tour. in that post, i stated that we all have the ability to get involved to support this phenomenal event that is coming to a city near you – how’s this for making it happen? from now until the end of the tour’s indiegogo fundraiser (aug. 21st), i am offering copies of the kindle version of all you need are seeds… for just one dollar! yes. just one dollar. four quarters. ten dimes. twenty nickles… you get the picture. for less than that cup of coffee you bought this morning – you, me and everyone we know can give to make this tour of music and sustainable living in harmony happen, while learning how to apply the principles of permaculture to our lives… for every book sold, i am giving a portion of it to the tour (a minimum of ten percent). if you’d rather order a .pdf copy, contact us for payment information and we will email your digital copy immediately! now, go! share! give! ❤


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today’s energy

each day, i draw from a deck of energy cards. the card grounds me in existing energy and reminds me of what i must cultivate...

today's energy is:

resonance... mmm, you feel that?

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