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poetry: exposed

really exposed… what you are about to see is what happens when one isn’t completely prepared. or perfect. even though everything always is. i seriously pondered for a moment on not sharing this video, because of my forgetfulness and slight butchering of this very beautiful poem that is all about unwavering confidence and hope in love… but if i can share the good runs, i must share the other good ones – as it’s all good, no? ❤


a storm is coming

i can sense it.

in the leaves turning upward,

and the shade in the sky

from the prophetic clouds

moving in my direction.

and i am not afraid.

i ain’t even afraid.

i stand exposed. naked.

electively ill-equipped

for the coming flood that is you.

tossing out the umbrellas, the boots, the ponchos, the hats

cause i don’t need no protection.

i am ready to dance in you,

a deep tribal dance,

hips swaying with ancient rhythms

connected to the ancestors –

those who foretold this coming shower

a delicate courtship between

you, rain and me, earth.

slowly transforming

into sensual rumblings

of vibrational energy

heard as thunder

seen as lightning

illuminating the space of my heart

with your intensity, your power, your truth

i don’t even know who you are-

but my God, i want to kiss you!


mouth wide open

taste each individual drop of you.

refreshing my spirit, my identity, my purpose

even in your acidity

because you represent balance. duality.

the cycle of life. and of love.

allow me to drink you into my soil, my soul

so that i may be renewed, nurtured, & sustained.

i want to experience all of this, all of you

i stand exposed. outside.

braless in a white shirt.

sugar waiting to melt.

heart open like a catchment

filling itself with the essence of you.

for those sunny days

when you are calm

so i can splash in your puddles

for just a moment,

and watch we create thick rich mud,

where lotus flowers bloom.

hell, i will stand in you,

when your winds blow their strongest

let my hair get wet, matted, and tangled

no longer running for cover

staying stuck in places

that have kept me dry safe and

longing for drops of you in the desert

precipitation during my drought.

i stand exposed. open.

without need for protection.

and i am not afraid.

nah, i ain’t even afraid.

because you storm are coming.

and even though i don’t know who you are…

my leaves are turned upwards

awaiting your clouds

moving in my direction.


© 2014 rachelmwalls

2 comments on “poetry: exposed

  1. hecklectic

    You did what I never could do and your “mistakes” makes you more human, more reachable, and more dearer. The audience loved you. 🙂

    • rachel m. walls

      thank you. so much… 🙂 you’re absolutely right. it’s why i decided to share it anyway…


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