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permaculture in action and on the road

pushing through the pavement

for those of you who’ve read my book that shares much of its name with this site, you’ll understand the impact that permaculture has had on my life. for those who’ve not yet read the book – umm… here’s a side eye. just for you.* 😉 anyhoo, i bring this up in this moment as i have an amazing opportunity to be a part of the upcoming pushing through the pavement: a permaculture action tour. and so do you. this tour, featuring none other than the polish ambassador, is coming to a city near you in a few weeks and in addition to enjoying incredible musical performances, you will have the opportunity to learn all about permaculture.

imagine walking or biking along your morning commute through streets flanked by fruit trees, herb bushes and edible gardens in each yard… can you smell the fragrant lemons, peaches and berries as you walk/ride by? or how about picking fresh rosemary from the curb – not having to make another run to the grocery store while preparing dinner? and of course, sharing all of this with your neighbors? yeah, this is how your community would look, on permaculture.

bringing permaculture to the urban landscape, this tour is all about making our cities healthy living spaces for all to enjoy. taking your neighborhood park and turning it into a food forest. transforming abandoned lots into community gardens, where people come together to grow food, using sustainable practices, and also increase neighborhood interaction.

as you know, this is what seeds… is all about. of course, i highly recommend that you check out the concert for the entertainment aspect. but, this concert is more than just about music. ticketholders are asked to commit and participate in “impact days,” where they will get hands on permaculture experience through various organizations throughout their cities. and beyond experience, participants will no doubt receive inspiration and support for promoting sustainable lifestyles in their communities.

to make this incredible idea happen, the permaculture action tour needs your help. check out their website, ( especially the link that says DONATE NOW… what are you waiting for? what do you have to lose? do it now!

 * if you’ve not yet purchased your copy of all you need are seeds… the time to do it is now. i am donating ten percent of all sale proceeds to the permaculture action tour. give the gift of education and entertainment, while giving a gift to yourself! – r

2 comments on “permaculture in action and on the road

  1. sara

    It’s a lovely vision, for sure 🙂


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