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a call to action

if you’re anything like me, you’ve spent a considerable amount of time in the past few weeks, contemplating the state of the world. seeing horrid images and reading stories of war, poverty, violence, hate – so much negativity plaguing this planet. i know that i am not alone in believing that something must be done to get us moving toward positivity.  toward our humanity. toward… something better.

and today, while reading yet another report of the unfolding events in israel, i had that divine aha! moment. many of the comments following that article called for backlash against those poor, misguided souls in leadership positions – basically, more blood to stop the bleeding. we must stop. all of us. violence only begets more violence. and so, in that moment, looking at the photo of benjamin netanyahu, spirit directed me to send him light. to wrap him in the same loving light energy that i send to my friends and family all over the globe. those in need during times of despair.

but because i am only one person, one worker in a world of many, i am asking for your help. i am asking that instead of reacting to the negative images with more negativity – please, send loving light to all involved. i mean pray, send reiki, whatever you have in your arsenal to shift the balance of the planet. let’s nurture these figures instead of beating them down. let’s use our thoughts, our prayers, our energy for good. it is up to each of us. we are the architects of the world.

are you ready to build with me?

“war is not the answer, for only love can conquer hate…”

what’s going on? | marvin gaye

it is time. truly time...

it is time. truly time…

7 comments on “a call to action

  1. musethebeast

    Yes. The world is moving in a very unique direction. That’s for sure. Just because there are horrible things happening, it doesn’t mean that there are not good things happening as well. We have a lovely generation of young adults who are dedicated to making an impact on the world. I don’t believe the world will ever have true peace, that is not how we were put together and disagreement can be a beautiful thing. We just need to try our best every day and see what happens.

    • rachel m. walls

      thank you for adding to the conversation! i agree that our world is duality. which is why i am very careful in the words chosen. but just because there is disagreement does not mean it must escalate into violence or war. raising the vibration does not mean erasing all negativity. as there is day, there must be night. i just feel that we, as a whole, are out of balance. and that there is something that we can do…

      love and abiding light to you!

      • musethebeast

        As I grow older, I’ve been learning more and more just how paradoxical life is. I really don’t know anything else that contains such beauty. Whether it’s just examining my own emotions, or observing on how people act in this world, that balance is for sure a delicate thing. Thanks for the love!

  2. sara

    Yes! I was just saying this yesterday – adding our own negativity to events that we can’t personally change is harmful, both to ourselves and the world. The only thing that we can do is send love and light to everyone – even the people who we think are wrong. Especially those people!

    • rachel m. walls

      we are on to something… glad to know that i am in good company. ❤

  3. Jane Olivier

    Words are powerful. The words we speak, write and hear have the power to create or destroy, harm or heal, cause great sorrow or fill with joy. Our words can sing or weep, fly or fall, dance or drag. We need to be like Gmail—before we send out words, think. Then either hit “send” or “undo.”
    Here is an excerpt from the poem “Words” by Anne Sexton:
    “Be careful of words,
    even the miraculous ones.

    They can be as good as fingers.
    They can be as trusty as the rock
    you stick your bottom on.
    But they can be both daisies and bruises.

    But I try to take care
    and be gentle to them.
    Words and eggs must be handled with care.
    Once broken they are impossible
    things to repair”
    We need to say “stop it” we need to speak peace, and joy, and compassion, and love. Right now it is extremely hard to do as no-one appears to be listening. Our ears are filled with the clamour of war and suffering and distress. We have to rise above it, we have to. Someone has to.
    We need to walk gently, and speak light. It’s time.

    • rachel m. walls

      indeed… thanks for sharing that poem! and for adding to the discussion about the power of words. we must be mindful of the words we use and how we use them… it is truly time…


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