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we have the power. and it ain't from greyskull. media credit: wikipedia

we have the power. and it ain’t from grayskull. media credit: wikipedia

i found myself nearly engaged in a battle of ego versus wit, right versus wrong today. it all stemmed from a poor decision to comment on a highly charged issue on a social media site. a decision that could have cost valuable friendships and unnecessary stress for many people, including myself. after typing my angered response, i realized that i did nothing more than perpetuate the overall problem. pour bio-diesel on a four alarmer, when i know that it’s not what this world needs right about now. while i know that my actions, which are sooo far removed from the actual situation (okay, i know you want to know what it was about – uhh… conflict in the middle east. i know…), will have little effect on that situation directly, indirectly by choosing respect, peace and love in an otherwise volatile situation, i am creating space to start something new. do something different. encourage myself and others to think about the sides we choose and what’s worth arguing over.

you see, i believe that we’re all connected. you. me. every single one of us on this planet. and through those connections, we share incredible energy among ourselves. energy that expands and contracts all around the globe, depending on what we put out or take back. energy that when collective, determines the direction of our planet. like a butterfly flapping its wings in mexico causing a storm in china… we do that.

i say all of this to say that we need to raise the vibration of this planet. respond with love and compassion in all situations. refrain from participating in discussions that divide humanity into sides. believe in a peaceful existence. tap into our energy and shift it for a better tomorrow for all of us. because as long as we keep fighting and picking sides and choosing war over peace, the battles will continue. internally. externally. all around. but. we have the power to choose peace. individually. together. for us all.

“darkness can not drive out darkness, only light can do that. hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.”
dr. martin luther king, jr.

ftr – i deleted my second comment… in case you were wondering. and yes. the he-man picture is necessary for this post. 🙂

2 comments on “good vibrations

  1. sara

    Ha! Why do we do it? I very rarely allow myself to get drawn into pointless arguments, although I did a little while ago do just that. Also, I like how you write without capitals. I’m tempted to do the same 🙂

    • rachel m. walls

      i really haven’t the slightest idea why i do it. or should i say did. it must be past tense from this point. i’ve been so bad to have my comments deleted/moderated on npr… lol. and thank you for the compliment. i actually don’t know why i started writing in lower case either. i like the way it looks.


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