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loving you, it’s easy

it all begins with you...

it all begins with you…

“’cause you’re beautiful”

okay. maybe just being beautiful ain’t enough to make loving every bit of you easy. or maybe you’ve not reached the point of believing in your beauty (though you are!)… and i can admit that maybe loving yourself isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do, when you don’t know how to do it. i can also admit that it wasn’t very easy for me. even after writing all about love in the book that shares its name with this site.

throughout “all you need are seeds…“, i repeatedly declare that any and all things i welcome into my life must ‘love, honor and respect me,’ or kick rocks, i believe, is the term i used… sounds good, eh? i’d say it’s a great gauge to living one’s life. except when the declarant has no idea what the concept of love really means. and that would’ve been me. my heart was definitely in the right place when i implored my readers to embrace those things that do all three and to let go of those that do not. which does not lend itself to the notion that i had the concept completely down. because i didn’t.

the realization that i had not discovered what that four-letter word meant to me became glaringly clear when i started to think of what i need from my ideal mate. and since we show others how to love us by how we love ourselves, i had to take an honest appraisal and accept that all the times i’ve actually said that i love me, i really didn’t. and i didn’t know what it means to do so. how can i show someone else how to love me, if i didn’t take the time to know what it means to me?

so, i had to sit down and take an honest assessment of how i want to be loved. to be completely honest with me about what it is i need. for me, it means being kind, accepting, supportive, honest, nurturing, believing in me, spending quality time with me – and so much more. unconditionally. i am aware that all of this starts with me. i must be willing to do and give all of these things to myself first, before i can even think of asking someone else to do it too. and, now that i know how i want to be loved, these are the things that i am doing for myself. and will be able to give to and receive from that aforementioned ideal mate. 🙂

all of this said, we are different. there is no one-size-fits-all/cut-paste way of needing love. the needs of one are not the needs of all. so while it may be easy to look at my list and think “sure, i can do that,” we’ve all gotta do our own work. find our own definition of how we wish to be loved. be the love that we are seeking. realize that it starts within. ask it of and give it to yourself first. it’s really not that difficult. trust me. once you figure it all out, you’ll see just how easy loving you can be.

“ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh*”

*minnie ripperton would be proud that i chose to type this, versus singing it. you should be too. 🙂


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