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getting to happy

so, that’s where i’ve been. gone but not completely gone. i’ve posted on my facebook page just about everyday. but as i’ve been on the go, i’ve not had much in the way of inspiring words to share here. as stated in my last post, i’d been in a bit of a funk for quite some time and managed to pull myself out of it. but  what does one do after the funk is gone? i’ve been taking my time figuring all of that out. 🙂 and so, here i am. back. in a good place. an elusive place that some might call happy…

and where is that? it’s right here. or there. wherever i am. wherever you are. it’s available to us all. twenty-four/seven. three-sixty-five. all we must do is open ourselves to it. and while i can’t tell you exactly where or how to find it, i can assure you that you won’t find it in another person. it doesn’t exist in a specific geographic location (although some places tend to create the sensation more than others – at least, for me). and you surely cannot buy it from any retail outlet. nope. it’s up to you.

so, that’s where i’ve been. finding my own happy. asking my spirit what it wants on a regular basis – like, minute to minute (because happy is always subject to change…) and doing it. my happy exists in nature. in good conversations with friends. in developing my spiritual practice. at concerts of bands i’ve admired for years, but never had the chance to see live. and definitely in the countless plates, bowls and glasses i’ve nourished my body from over the past few months.

it’s like i know what i want. and i’m willing to give it to myself, whenever i want it. whether it means downing a yummy rum/root beer float for breakfast or racing shopping carts at midnight in the downtown area of a major us city. if it makes me happy – even for a fleeting moment, then it’s what i must do. because it simply feels good to my soul. i guess that sums it up. if you want to be happy, listen to your spirit. do the things that bring a smile to your heart. remove yourself from the things that don’t. or don’t any longer. happiness is truly an inside job…

i hope this inspires you to find your own.

the author. in a very happy place.

the author. in a very happy place.

2 comments on “getting to happy

  1. sara

    I hear you 🙂 I have also spent this year really sinking down deep and finding that piece of happy that is all mine. For me – writing, meditation, yoga, a little retreat/escape time and rearranging my love life towards harmony and balance works. And checking in all the time? yep. happy is like a baby 🙂

    • rachel m. walls

      so very happy that i am never alone in these realizations and happenings in my life! wishing you continued happiness on the road ahead – whatever it takes! 🙂


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