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just a thought: tough times

when experiencing tough times, it becomes quite easy to sit and wonder “why me?”. in the midst of my latest storm, it occurred to me that maybe the question i need to ask is “why not me?“. maybe my storm is necessary for someone else. maybe my storm is taking me to places that i might not otherwise have gone and that being in that place, my storm helps someone else through their own. i know that getting through the valleys can make one feel like giving up… lord knows i’ve had my share of meltdowns, screams and cries over the past few weeks. but. and. now that the clouds are parting and the sun is beginning to shine new light into my life, i see that my trials were not only to make me better. but to help others along the way. and for that i am grateful. exhaling…

“we are all god’s helpers.” paulo coelho


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each day, i draw from a deck of energy cards. the card grounds me in existing energy and reminds me of what i must cultivate...

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