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it's time to get out of the box... (image credit: videomaker)

checking boxes won’t tell you who you are. only you can. (image credit: videomaker)

what’s with all of these internet surveys lately? you know… the ones that get you to enter super analytically private information about yourself (ie, your favorite french fry) that it then takes and tells you who you are, where you should live and your actual date of death… my facebook feed is flooded with them these days. so i decided to try one…

buzzfeed’s ‘what state do you actually belong in?, representing my first foray into internet survey land and where i’d like to say that the matrix fell apart. first question – ‘which of these is your favorite fast food chain?’ that would presume that #1, i actually eat fast food and #2, that i enjoy it. i will not admit to either of these. and you can’t make me, buzzfeed. so i skipped the question. second question – ‘which of these tv shows appeals to you most?’ seriously. you want me to choose between my affinity for community or breaking bad??? and really. what does a television show have to do with where i want to live? yes, i thoroughly enjoyed watching jesse and mr. white’s ascension into the world of crystal meth. but does that mean i should live in new mexico? i’m gonna go with no. hence skipping this question too. on to question number three… the one that really made me side eye the scientificity of this entire survey… ‘choose a baby.’ what? what?! why?!? you mean to tell me that my selection of one of twelve impossibly cute babies (which makes me wonder, did i just buy a baby???) determines where i should live??? really, buzzfeed? i couldn’t answer most of the remaining questions (baby fears aside), because most of them just don’t apply to me. so i ended up skipping nearly all of them… leaving me, stateless.

this got me to thinking a little… about the boxes that we check that lead us to other boxes. ‘if you’re this, then you must be…’ like, if you’re liberal, then you must be a democrat. or if you’re into crystal meth, then you should live in albuquerque… completely taking away the ability to just be who you are. to choose what you want to do, without attaching a greater meaning to it. to live where you want to live, because it works for you – not because some survey told you where you should go. not to say that you definitely don’t belong in the fictional greendale because you never miss an episode of community… but maybe you should survey yourself to find out who you are and where you belong, instead of looking to a box to do it for you.

i will say that buzzfeed leaving me stateless isn’t all wrong… but it took way more than answering a few questions about popular culture for me to find this place, outside of the fifty, that i so love calling home.

need help surveying within? pick up your copy of all you need are seeds… paying special attention to the sections entitled ‘work it’. i am willing to bet that your self-survey will be much more accurate than buzzfeed’s…


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