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the most important word is missing:human (photo credit: calvary lincoln)

they forgot to include human…   (photo credit: calvary lincoln)

what it means to be a leader is really on my mind lately. various reasons, none super important to what i am about to say… because i cannot help but wonder why we as a people expect perfection from our leaders. i mean, i know that one should lead by example. and that a leader is in an elevated position… but shouldn’t making mistakes be part of leading? doesn’t everyone do that? aren’t we all really, at the end of the day, human?

as a society, it seems like we shun the idea of making a mistake. or having a case of bad judgment. we like to pretend that these things don’t happen – especially when we’re the ones at fault. we hide them. we lie about them. when, if viewed properly, mistakes are the building blocks to success. so why wouldn’t we want our leaders to make mistakes? maybe i’m in the minority here, but i think a leader deserves a bit of slack.

i guess i’ve always felt this way. flashback to the late 90s and pres. bill clinton’s sex scandal. yeah, it sucks* that he lied under oath. but i remember being appalled that he was even asked the question, in the first place. i mean, how many people would tell the truth about an infidelity under oath? and how many of us would lose our jobs for our extracurricular activities? at the time, i couldn’t quite grasp what miss lewinsky’s act had to do with anything, really – save the sanctity of the clintons’ marriage… so why did we expect more from him? some people whom i may or may not still consider friends possibly/probably over this matter said that because he was president. really. that’s your argument? (and the reason why we cannot be friends, in case you were wondering.) because when does a president stop being human? (i know. i left myself open there.) but…

that’s my point. it’s like we have this superhuman expectation of mere humans. we place people on pedestals and chide ourselves and them when they ultimately fall. being a leader does not mean that one will no longer fail. make bad decisions. react in a way that some might consider “unleaderlike”. it does mean that one is human. that one is still growing with lessons to learn. that one is… perfectly imperfect.

it’s not that i don’t believe that leaders should be held accountable for their actions. or that they shouldn’t strive higher and do their best… i do. it’s just that i also understand human nature. and not one of us walking this planet nor those before us walked it in a straight line. so let’s cut people a bit of slack, people!

besides. i want my leaders to have something new to talk about. new life lessons and experiences. real ones that i can relate to. and when i lead, please don’t expect perfection from me.  i will disappoint you if you do…

*maybe not the best choice of words, but, eh…


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