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fifteen second therapy: distracted by distractions

the little rachel that could...

the little rachel that could…

i’ve thought a lot about my last post. and those before that happened to fall post long posting pauses… and i see that i can’t walk and chew gum, as my mom would say. i used to believe that i was a huge multi-tasker, capable of bringing home that bacon… and you know what happens after that… but yeah. i not only thought that i could handle all that life could toss in my direction, i thought that i did.

my erratic writing proves me otherwise.

it seems that once something big comes along, be it work, relationships, fun, etc… i drop everything else in pursuit of that one thing. because one carrot on one stick works just fine for me, thank you very much. i don’t know if i completely lose myself (anymore. i used to. oh, did i used to.) in those places. i just know that i’ve not been fully present in other areas of my life. which isn’t always a terrible thing, except when i’m ready to be a friend again and folks are like – “your face looks familiar…”. i mean, the positive is that i possess incredible determination. which is kinda great, except the whole giving-so-much-to-the-big-things-that-i-grow-tired-of-the-thing-after-a-while thing. the whole thing becomes a chore instead of the interesting and incredibly absorbing task it once was…

and that’s when i run. as fast as my lil’ legs can carry me. to anyplace where i don’t have to face what the universe is trying to tell me in that moment. to places where i can retreat. regroup. re-me… put back together all of the pieces that i tossed up in the air before that shiny red ball grabbed my attention. until…

a shiny silver ball comes my way…

and i’m back to where i started. it’s time to get off of this wheel. to do something different. to give ample attention to everything that i’ve chosen to put on my plate at any given time. to stop focusing solely on that one egg, when there’s a bunch of them in my basket… this is going to be a tough one. we’ll see if i keep it up. my goal as of today is to write at least weekly on this site. in addition to all of the other things happening in my life (and there’s a lot!)… i think i can. i think i can. i think i can…

my copay’s in the mail.


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