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work it: what you really want

look up. even the sky isn't your limit...

look up. even the sky isn’t your limit…

what do you really want for your life? it’s important to answer the question honestly. seriously. because i know so many of us, myself included, that pretend to relegate ourselves to aiming underground rather than reaching high for that apple at the top of the tree. why, you ask? because we are freaking afraid of not getting what we really want. we’ve been programmed to believe that only certain people get that certain apple… people who aren’t us. life’s circumstances have revealed the probability of repeated failure, so we apply that logic to today… and we stay where we are.

for me, it was a fear of judgment that kept me from being completely honest with myself about the desires of my heart. i knew exactly the life i wanted to lead, but dared not speak it, fearing what they might think of me. or what i might think of me… so i made excuses. a bunch of ill-conceived reasons why i couldn’t have what i want. why i shouldn’t have what i want. and ultimately, why i wouldn’t have it… “i don’t think i’m ready for it.” “maybe once i’ve done x, i can think about y.” “well, this isn’t exactly what i want, but i’ll take it…” sound familiar? good. now stop it.

how? meditation did the trick for me. i trained my mind to stop… my mind. 🙂 so that when i notice myself becoming my very own dreamkiller, i can silence my mind and go instead, to my heart. i focus on the triumphs and the events and experiences that have gone as i desired. i remember what victory feels like. i know that i can have the life that i want (and am on my way to doing just that). you can too! get completely clear about it. make sure that your desires come directly from what you want, not based upon anyone else’s ideal life for you. including societal notions.

if nothing else, this world is chock full of abundance. the idea of lack only comes about when we choose to believe in it. which means one thing and one thing only: each of us walking this planet, all seven-some-odd-billion of us can have exactly what it is we want. once we choose to believe that we can. it begins and end with total self-honesty. tell yourself the truth of what it is you want. without excuses. without shame. without fear. you owe it to yourself. to your life… who else is gonna give you that?!

so work with me now. in this moment, right now, admit the truth of your life’s desires to yourself. sketch a picture of your ideal life. no worries about what others will think, or of financial or physical limitations. no doubts. just truth.

now wait for it.


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