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the idea of living from the heart is something that seems quite elusive to many. i’m sure many of you are reading this and wondering – what does that even mean? hmm… allow me to explain… to live from one’s heart means to turn off the voices of the mind. the ego. the coulds. shoulds. woulds. and supposed tos. it banishes fear, as there’s no room to be afraid from an open heart. it allows you to fully experience life without anxiety and doubt. and to be exactly who you are – not what you’ve been told to be…

living from the heart allows you to experience all five senses without the bias of prior memory – as the heart keeps no records of wrong. it is wrapping a soft lambswool blanket around your body and feeling warmth from inside. it is taking a bite of a freshly picked cherry tomato, tasting and appreciating all of the earth’s labor that went into providing nourishment. it is feeling both happiness and sadness in the same moment – finding gratitude for each. it is in seeing your imperfect self and being proud to be exactly who you are. it is taking a whiff of fresh air and remembering the blessing that is life, with every breath. it is hearing your pulse synchronize with the world around you, and the one within.

once you begin to do this, an incredibly powerful shift will occur, igniting a fire from within that will naturally radiate outward. try it.

starting here. starting now.(photo credit:

starting here. starting now. (photo credit:

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