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and so, they’re closed. not giving a damn about the people who are most affected by this shutdown. people that they are calling ‘non-essential.’ as if the jobs that the congressional politicians (cannot call them leaders) are not performing are somehow, essential. this little order of business has prompted a quick reread of civil disobedience, examining the parallels between thoreau’s time and our current. it’s truly a shame and nothing new that our world has divided itself on labels and people instead of joining together based on truth and love. warring factions prevail, it seems.

maybe it’s time for us to look at the system as a whole. and not at any one person or party. we are all to blame. we vote for politicians instead of leaders. we fail to research who these people are, what they support and who supports them. we re-elect them because we know their names, even after they’ve failed to perform a sub-standard job. we then fight amongst ourselves about who is doing and is responsible for what behind the veil of politics, because everyone needs a villain and someone to blame.

maybe it’s time for us to take responsibility for the current state of affairs. to realize that we cannot operate on a series of soundbites and speeches that sound good. they are written that way, people. and not by the self-serving, egotistical money grubber chosen to read it. we need to pay attention to the truth of our government at work. how these politicians cannot seem to pass budgets for the country, but can (without a vote) pass legislation removing their financial reporting requirements. how they won’t come to an agreement on social spending, but never miss a moment to increase their pay and personal benefits. have they no conscious? do they not understand the negative impact that their actions are having on the world? have they forgotten that our government is for the people, by the people?

have we?


pretty non-essential these days…


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