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all downstream from here…

so often, we spend so much precious life time fighting our way through it. believing that life has to be tough in order to be meaningful. making things so much more difficult than need be.

you are not a salmon. there is no reason to swim upstream, unless you’re working at building amazing upper body strength… you have the choice and the ability to go with the flow of life. wondering what that means? well, it means that it’s up to you to accept life as it comes or to fight against it. that you can realize that everything has a reason and/or purpose or sit and wonder why these things seem to happen to you and only you. that you can be where you are in life with purpose to move forward or you can sit in misery and hate your station. your call.

the thing is – none of us are in complete control of our lives. none of us. and when we begin believing that we are, the universe often rings the alarm on that dream to remind us of what’s real. which is: your life is so much bigger than you. we are all interconnected and rely on one another to teach, to heal, to hurt… one reaction always causes another and another and yet, another.

once you realize this universal truth and stop trying to control everything in your life, you are able to go with the flow. to let life happen with you. to be in harmony with all of nature.  trust me. i know all about trying to force my vision on the bigger picture…

last year, i chose to move to savannah, georgia, believing it to be my forever home. i told everyone who would listen that i finally found ‘it’ and that they could expect to visit me there for years to come… well. upon arriving, nothing worked. i couldn’t find meaningful paid work. the housing situation fizzled and burned several times over. and my spirit felt quite restless being there.

the woman i once was probably would have stayed. because she’d told everyone how much she loved it before she arrived and didn’t want to be judged as flaky. this woman chose to move on after a few months of serious breaststroke induced heavy breathing. and you know what? the second i stopped swimming and started to float, i landed exactly where i belong. more than once. still. where i am now, everything is effortless. which is how i know that this is where i am supposed to be. until it isn’t anymore. and that’s okay too. only the universe knows…

think about it. how do you feel when you think something is going to turn out a way that it doesn’t? do you feel like a failure? or that everything is wrong? cut that chatter! things happen as they should. even when unexpected. or wanted. this is where that choice comes in… you can view the unexpected as a lesson and keep it moving or continue down a path that isn’t yours. again, your call.

which is why it’s so important to go with the flow. trust. believe. know. something so much bigger than you is preparing you, me and everyone else for what’s next… are you ready?

nope. that's not you. or you.

     nope. that’s not you. and it doesn’t have to be.         (photo credit: wiki commons)

One comment on “all downstream from here…

  1. Carisa Henze

    SO true!

    Love it!

    I loved your interview online. I am happy that you “revealed” yourself and are laughing and in comfort with it. This is the good life. Maybe you are ready for the teen pregnancy book or work in that field??? I am sure you can touch alot with it.

    So much love to you.


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