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oh, snap

i know. i totally apologize for the use of oh and snap in such close proximity. it’s just one of those things that came up while thinking about food stamps. yes. i’m blaming the use of this clichéd 90s term on food stamps. no. really. in my quest to know more about the program, i discovered that one can use food stamps (supplemental nutrition assistance program (snap)) to purchase seeds and/or plants for growing produce. oh. 😉

my curiosity piqued as there’s been recent chatter in the news about the percentage of people living in puerto rico who currently receive snap benefits (33%) and the amount of yearly federal aid for said benefits ($2 billion). in reading several articles (favorable / unfavorable) covering all sides of the issue, i ran into what can best be described as a bunch of bs along with the above nugget of information.

think about the impact growing one’s food will have on future generations. and the future of the program. not only does it mean direct access to healthy food options, but saves billions of dollars. annually. dollars that could be used for much needed other stuff. and with all the negativity directed towards beneficiaries, it’s crazy that there isn’t more of a push to encourage gardening. you know, the whole ‘give a man a fish’ thing…

i’m honestly still in a bit of shock about this. seeds and/or plants! how cool is that? i wonder how many people actually know about this. so i’m counting on you to spread this seed. let people know that they can purchase seeds and plants with their snap benefits. encourage them to do so. check out these heirloom seed suppliers. recommend all you need are seeds… for helpful garden tips and so much more.

if you plan them, they will grow... (photo credit: community commons)

if you plant them, they will grow… (photo credit: community commons)


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