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so, pack light…

“bag lady, you goin’ miss your bus

this one is all about stuff. yes, stuff. possessions. things you own. we all have it. but how we value said stuff is totally different from one person to the next… how much does your stuff mean to you? does it define your very existence? is it a weight keeping you from living your dreams? what would you have if you only had the things necessary to satisfy your basic needs?

you can’t hurry up, ’cause you’ve got too much stuff…

i can ask you these questions, as I’ve asked them of myself. repeatedly. when i first asked them – about five years ago in the midst of a recession induced change of perspective – i couldn’t believe how much more i valued my stuff than myself. my stuff represented me. having the right clothes, made by the right designers, worn in the right season of the right year, to impress the right people – was downright wrong on so many levels. but it is what i thought i wanted to be. and i say what instead of who because it’s fitting here. unlike much of the crap i bought trying to be something that i am not.

so, pack light…

back then, i started asking myself the question – who am i? if i were to lose all of my stuff, who would i be? would i still have value? i know, i know that we live in a culture of excess stuff. a place where people are consistently judged based on their being a have or a have not. and who’s signing up for the nots? so we buy stuff to show that we have. to impress others. to feel valuable. to fit in… in having the courage to examine the motives behind my need for acquisition, i slowly began reducing my possessions. categorizing my stuff as a want or a need. because a want will quickly trick you into believing it is a need – like those granite countertops i thought i could never live without.

let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go…

that leads us to today. five years after my mini q&a with myself.  i own exactly seven boxes of stuff. yes. seven. i know this because i recently made the biggest move of my life – via usps. in preparing to do so, i started sifting through the items i thought were most important two years ago when i left on an incredible journey to various parts around the world. and wouldn’t ya know it… the crap that i’d paid monthly storage fees to keep had very little value to me. travel revealed to me that my needs could be reduced to a 28″ pack for three months time. that i don’t need nearly as much as i once thought i did. that my clothes are right when i feel good wearing them. that my value comes simply from being…

girl you don’t need it.”

*excerpts from “bag lady” by erykah badu ©2000 motown records


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