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thousands of trayvons

the following is an excerpt of a conversation i had with a friend about the george zimmerman not guilty verdict:

the thing is, we can’t demand the justice system to value what we don’t. until the outrage is directed within, black boys will be abused in their homes and on the streets. they will continue to lack accountability, because we as black women (collectively) are not requiring it. we don’t fight for their education. we don’t provide safe and nurturing communities where they learn to love themselves and the queens who love them. we let them create babies and go. we don’t pursue child support. we don’t demand that they be a part of their children’s lives. and we don’t make our facebook profiles black when trayvon of anacostia is found dead at the hands of someone who looks just like him… so instead of being angry with zimmerman. or florida. we’ve got to look within and see where and how we are collectively killing thousands of trayvons everyday.

and that is all i have to say about it.

you've gotta come better than this...

this is a photo. it is not a protest. we’ve gotta do more than post photos…

3 comments on “thousands of trayvons

  1. A

    I agree that all people must look within themselves for we (collectively) are the ultimate source of this tragedy. Yes, we must look within and change our hearts. We must realize that we (individually and collectively–because there is no one without the other) deserve better. We must look within and see our worth, not just as it is reflected in the media–because this isn’t our worth to ourselves–we must see our true worth and learn to respect and value one another. However, we must also act without. We must act in our communities and states,cities, towns, or hamlets to make sure that our laws are just and affect all equally. How and why were laws passed that initially shielded Mr. Zimmerman from arrest? Why did the police department act as it did? What about politicians who don’t care about their constituencies? What are we doing about these things? What will we do? We must go within and look into our hearts and act on what we find there and we must act within our greater community and justice system. We’ve got to turn off the tv and reflect and act.

    • rachel m. walls

      thank you so much for adding to the conversation. you are absolutely right, we do need to pay attention to how the laws are made. look at the lobbying firms behind such unjust laws. figure out where their money is coming from. stop supporting the companies who pay money to the lawmakers who don’t care. we have so much power, but we’ve ceded it to those who don’t have our best interest at heart. time to take the power back. start within. and yes. turn off the frickin television. pay attention to what is important. it doesn’t include any business pertaining to the kardashian spawn.

  2. arlingtonfarms


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