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an open letter to my inner control freak

dear freak,

you are so not in control of the world around you… as much as you wish you were. so why do you constantly drive yourself crazy believing that you can “fix” everything about everyone else, when you haven’t exactly mastered it within? i keep telling you to keep it together, focus on yourself, stay out of everyone else’s business. but you… you just love to meddle and pretend that you have all of the answers – when the truth is, no one does. in the end, you end up feeling stressed out and looking crazy. and it’s your fault.

yes. your fault. there’s so much that you don’t like about yourself, yet you constantly tell others how to be just like you. oh. so you can like them a little less. judge them a bit more. find disdain for the product of your creation… brilliant! in that not so kind of way. do you not understand that everyone’s path is different? the truth is, if everyone were exactly the same, i wouldn’t want to live on this planet (scene: bunch of self-serving/righteous zealots pointing out the flaws of their mirror images). so we all do different things at different times for different reasons. just like every other living species on the planet.

like mom always said, there’s more than one way to skin a cat (umm. pausing on the visual. eww.). your way isn’t the only way. it’s one of many. and just as there are things you don’t know now and things you didn’t know then, you’ve gotta cut folks some slack so that they may find their way, in their appointed time. just as you did. it’s not to say that you cannot offer advice. when it’s asked for. but it is to say that you needn’t stress over what others are doing, unless it directly affects you. remember that question: what does this have to do with me? and more importantly, the usual answer: absolutely nothing. see how easy that is?

your job is not to solve every perceived problem with everyone, everywhere. your job is to solve your own problems, which, you cannot do if you are working ’round the clock assessing and correcting what’s wrong with him. her. them. so i am asking. no. i am imploring you to work on yourself. stop trying to tell everyone else what is best for them and figure out what’s best for you. life will be sooo much better for you if you do. and they’ll be just fine.

i promise.

love always,


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