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cropped-bese-saka1.jpgso much is happening with seeds… y’all. i don’t know what happened over this past weekend, but i turned into a little busy bee. maybe it was my excitement about all you need are seeds… becoming available on nook & iTunes. or maybe it’s just me really getting into and behind this project. regardless the reason, there’s a few new additions to the site due to this influx of energy. and speaking of energy…

today’s energy: scroll down to the bottom of any page and you’ll find a new feature i’ve added. i provide the result of my daily energy card shuffle. one positive word to think about. to infuse into your life. and the world around you.

frequently asked questions: so maybe they’re not that frequent. and they may not have been asked. still, i thought i’d share with you a little more about me, the book, the site. attached to the ‘about tab. feel free to contact me with your own questions. 🙂

seed tweets: just to the right of today’s energy reading is a brand new twitter feed. yep, i’m a little late to the game – still, i’m here! follow @alluneedrseeds for short inspirational bursts and other seed information throughout your day!

excerpts: in the tab called ‘the book‘, you’ll find excerpts (i am & love) from all you need are seeds… if you like what you read, i highly recommend getting a copy asap! personalized signed copies are available.

press: i’ve added a ‘press‘ tab where you will find the latest news about seeds… from press releases, events and your reviews (have you left one yet?) – they’re all here!

as always, i love hearing feedback! not just about the book (although i live for that) but for the site and anything else you might want to share… are you pleased with the new features? would you like me to add/drop/do something different? contact me! i welcome your opinion, seeds… is our community. looking forward to hearing from you…


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today’s energy

each day, i draw from a deck of energy cards. the card grounds me in existing energy and reminds me of what i must cultivate...

today's energy is:

resonance... mmm, you feel that?

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