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setbacks and delays…

three weeks of delays... thanks mercury!

mercury. slowing things down til july 20th. (credit:cheatymonkey)

how do you deal with setbacks and delays? do you find yourself overwhelmingly frustrated, unable to function and mad at the world? or do you approach them from a place of calm acceptance, ready to face what comes and prepared for the challenge? your happiness is dependent on how you answer this question.

so many times, so many of us cripple ourselves (and sometimes those around us) when things don’t go our way. we allow ourselves to become lost in a tailspin of despair when we can’t do what we think we should be able to do – in the moment that we want to do it. and this, my friends, is what causes stress. worry. unhappiness.

trust me… i know all about delays. today was supposed to be a big day for me. i’d decided that today, june 28, 2013 would be the day that all you need are seeds… is published for nook and ibooks. this morning, i awoke to a huge surprise that it wasn’t happening (ehh, mercury). and that was fine with me. you see, that woman i once was would have screamed and damned near fell out like a toddler who just dropped her lollipop were she faced with such “utter unfairness.”

this woman realizes that this is an opportunity. a blessing. i mean, today is friday. it makes more sense to have my press release in the hands of a reporter on monday morning than right before he/she jaunts off for a summer weekend getaway. and this delay gives me another chance to be sure that i’m properly targeting my audience. i can’t be mad at that. in fact, i can accept that. even be happy with it. because delays are the things that prepare us for those “right” moments…


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each day, i draw from a deck of energy cards. the card grounds me in existing energy and reminds me of what i must cultivate...

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