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friday freebie!

it’s been a minute since i promised a giveaway of all you need are seeds… i can’t even come up with a good excuse for why i never did it. maybe it was living in a foreign country without access to mail or even having an address… maybe. anyhoo. to make up for the delay, instead of the two copies i’d planned to pass along, i am giving away seven copies. yep. seven copies in seven days. seven signed copies. personalized. postage paid.

enter for your chance to win at goodreads… by clicking here. june 7th until the 14th.

best of luck!


don’t forget, the ebook and paperback are still available at amazon. the paperback is currently on sale! nook and ibooks release on june 28th. get yourself some seeds!

7 comments on “friday freebie!

  1. David Lucchesi

    Thanks. Hope to win!

  2. Alania

    I’m SO happy for you!!! ♥ I’ll get on Amazon this week for some “seeds” of my own!!! And when I see you next (see…now we must meet again)…you can sign them for me!!! Blessings to you beautiful!!!

    • Rachel

      oh, thank you alania!!! you have no idea how much your comment means to me. and i will definitely hold a mini book signing when i return… looking like next month. 🙂

      • Alania

        YAY!!! Let me know when you’d like to be a speaker at one of our circles…or on the show!! Your spirit is pure LIGHT…and I want everyone to know!!!

        • Rachel

          wow. that is quite an honor. thank you. i am willing to do both! i expect to be in your area towards the end of july. i will definitely let you know when in advance!

          • Alania

            Good!! We’ll keep in touch…and it will all be perfect!! Can’t Wait!!! xoxoxo


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