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did you hear that? me neither. although that scream of silence hurt a bit… as stated in my last full post (almost two months ago), i’ve found myself in total transition. and i didn’t know how to express all that is/was happening. the past two months have seen me make the decision to reside permanently in guatemala, take over an incredible non-profit that serves the people i now call my neighbors, face hidden childhood issues as they’ve presented themselves, and to just live as i wish to.

i have completely fallen in love with my life. maybe that’s why i didn’t write. or couldn’t. this is foreign to me. the joy that i allow myself to feel everyday is novel. the idea that i can have everything that i want and that i deserve it is not something that i believed for a long time. ladies and gentlemen, i am pleased to report a change. life can be exactly what you wish it to be. if you believe it possible. and allow it to be.

it’s what i did almost two years ago when i walked away from my unfulfilling “career” and chose to travel solo to various parts of the world. i cannot believe that i did it. or that by taking that chance, i ended up here. i thought of aspects of my former-life, which inspired this post… i remember how boring i once was. always ordering the same dish from the same restaurants, afraid of not liking something different. not realizing the fact that at some point, everything is ‘something different.’

yet here i am. living something different everyday. tasting new tastes. from foreign places. completely unpredictable. loving it.

unexpected beauty...

a place called home. lago atitlán, sololá, guatemala

2 comments on “unpredictable…

  1. Rufina

    I read this and it puts a huge smile on my face and a huge smile on my heart. I am so unbelievably in awe of your brave choices. Loving that I get to follow along through your blog, and as your friend. xo

    • Rachel

      thank you for being exactly who you are… i am so looking forward to the next chapter and reading your name in the pages…


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