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as the last moments of 2012 tick away, do you know what you want for the coming year? are you merely writing a list of “resolutions” that look eerily similar to the ones you wrote last year? and in years before? were your intentions crystal clear when writing them?

so many have remarked on how difficult and challenging 2012 has been for them. and while i’d like to agree, i simply cannot sit and dwell on those things. yes. i faced challenges. yes. there were numerous difficulties. but those are not the things that i have chosen to focus on to define my year. or me. instead, i am taking a moment to reflect on the things that i manifested through visualization…

hmm. how do i explain? well, since 2011, i’ve spent time in careful contemplation of the things/experiences/attributes that i’d like to have in my life. i’ve then placed these items into what i call my ‘vision book,’ a portable ransom note to the universe. 🙂 in it, i place words and pictures (usually cut from magazines) of things that represent my intentions for the coming period/year/life. and i carry it with me everywhere i go. the end of the year offers the opportunity to look at the things that did come to fruition and at those that i may need to contemplate further…

i’d placed a photo of a green beach cruiser in my book last year and later added the words vintage cruiser… my intention was to find a red ’66 – ’70 schwinn breeze. just a few months back, i became the proud owner of an almost mint condition ’68 schwinn collegiate cruiser – in green. lol. on the next page, dedicated to the home i wish to create, i placed the words ‘moroccan inspiration’ – meaning, i’d like my home to reflect moroccan style! lo and behold, in july of this year, i found myself in the beach town of essaouira, morocco, standing in front of a home furnishings store called ‘inspirations.’  the crazy thing is, i had no idea that i would travel to morocco when i created that page. but since starting this process, i’ve found that the universe can be a very crafty dealer… so be careful what you wish for! and how you wish for it!

the method doesn’t really matter. your vision can be created in any form you desire. the only thing that is important is that you are clear. and okay with universal interpretation of your vision. be sure about what it is you wish to bring into your life. consider all that is necessary in order to bring said things. trust that you can have what it is you want in your life. get clear. it’s coming.

happy 2013, y’all.


4 comments on “vision quest

  1. Rufina

    Your vision book is beautiful. I feel fortunate that I was able to hold and look at it in person! So inspiring! xo

  2. Love the bike! Waiting for my yellow one!


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