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to sink or swim

we’ve all been there. stuck in something or in someplace that we know we have absolutely no business being. if nothing else, we want out. but. there’s a lingering fear that comes out of nowhere to tell us that “i told you so” is on its way, so we stay. trapped. afraid of what people will think of us if whatever situation it is doesn’t work out. sacrificing our happiness, freedom and often, sanity, for not wanting to be proven wrong…

there’s something completely wrong with this. the giving of way too much power to others who really have no idea of what it’s like for us. the putting ourselves last. the choosing of stuckedness. and yes. i just made that word up. but you understand what i mean, no?

what others think has no bearing on reality. it’s just that: what others think. so what, if someone laughs at you. so what, if they knew you shouldn’t have. so what, they told you so. at least you took a chance. tried something different. stepped outside of your box. and maybe you were wrong. but maybe your wrongness is necessary to help you move along in this life. maybe your experience is exactly what you needed. maybe it’s time that you stop worrying about what others think. and do what’s best for you.

it’s far better to have been dead wrong than to stay someplace that you don’t belong… besides. you’ve heard “i told you so” before. and survived.


float on…

2 comments on “to sink or swim

  1. Rufina

    i like the way you write. makes you go “hmmm”. 😉

    • Rachel

      wow. that means an awful lot coming from you! thank you!


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