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i have written a book! and published it today! i know that it seems as if it’s been cloaked in secrecy… that is not what i intended. i’d planned to work up to today, sprinkling tidbits about it both here and on the facebook page. it’s rather obvious – i didn’t. life threw so many obstacles into my little path that i began to doubt whether i could, would or should launch this project… nevertheless, i did it!  (take that! life)! my hard work is now available at amazon for kindle. paperback and other devices, coming very soon. now, about that book…


all you need are seeds… a socio-political self-help memoir about organic gardening

written to inspire world change one person at a time.  in seeds… i share my story of  great personal change as i walk readers down the path to their own.  using the metaphor of organic gardening, we go from choosing life change, to its realization, considering concepts as diverse as weeding and pest control to love.  told in a witty and easy to read format, seeds… combines exercises with excerpts from an extraordinary life to help others break free of societal chains and live life organically.  and grow, at the very least, a tomato or two.

free book contest coming soon!

7 comments on “extra extra!

  1. ~~~S Wave~~~

    This sounds amazing!! Congratulations. What an accomplishment and wonderful contribution to our society.

    • Rachel

      thank you! it is an amazing feat! and your words are quite the compliment.

  2. Eclectic Jade


  3. I haven’t checked in with your Blog in a while and each time I do I am amazed at the next adventure I find my self reading about. Now you can add published author to the list. Congratulations old friend!

  4. Sharifah

    Congratulations and best wishes.

    • Rachel

      thank you so much! i like what you’re doing too!

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