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Railroad tank car transporting high fructose c...

railroad tank car transporting high fructose corn syrup

about four years ago, i cut high fructose corn syrup from my diet. i’m not sure exactly why. it wasn’t a fad thing. ‘something’ just said that i shouldn’t consume it. and if you know, like i know, when that ‘something’ speaks, you gotta listen. so i did. which was hard for two reasons:

hfcs is in just about everything. and then there was the criticism from those who’d believed the corn lobby’s advertisements proclaiming the safety and similarity to white sugar. i know! i must admit, i haven’t given up on the powdery sweetness of sugar. i do use less of it. and of the unbleached and raw kind. but. back to the topic at hand…

after traveling to various parts of the world over the last year (read all about it here), then returning to the states, i recognized the need to carve out a bit more from my diet. beyond consuming foods that are as minimally processed as possible, i cut out ‘natural flavors’ and their close, but distant cousin, ‘artificial flavors,’ mostly because i just don’t know what they are. and no one can tell me for sure what each one is. and that’s when it hit me…

beyond the five-ingredient rule, i cannot consume any ingredient that isn’t also available for immediate sale in my local grocery store (including those aforementioned ‘flavors’). which led me to realize that the campaign to make us believe that hfcs is just like sugar failed at one major point… one cannot go into aisle six at their local kroger and pick up a bag and/or bottle of hfcs.

just saying.

2 comments on “food matters

  1. wartica

    That was probably one of the best decisions you could’ve made ;that stuff is toxic,that I just ended up getting rid of all processed products for good –never felt better in my life :))

    • Rachel

      i’m on my way. making better food choices daily… i appreciate the encouragement!


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