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how often do you tune out and turn it all off? sometimes? often? does never sound more like it? in a time of  portable phones, social media, amongst other obligations – it seems that we are so distracted that finding and taking a few moments to go within is an impossibility. it’s like if we go too long without checking in, others may think we’ve checked out – so we stay connected. preventing the development of a deeper connection within.

a good way to re-connect with who you are is to take some time in silence. yep, shut the h-e- double hockey sticks up! unplug from it all. be still. hear that inner voice. that means no calls, check-ins, status updates, chit-chat – nothing that involves communication outside of yourself. because the body talks…

Silence Please (I Guess)

silence please (i guess) (photo credit: taekwonweirdo)

i’m not even going to pretend that it’s easy to be quiet. my first attempt involved me trying to interact with the world – using non-verbal cues. not realizing that my points and grunts meant that i was still talking. completely missing the point. but as i’ve traveled along this incredible spiritual journey, i’ve had the opportunity to absorb the importance of silence. and i do it frequently these days.

the thing about silence is all that you have to do is be it. and you can have it anywhere. say you’re a busy parent, shuttling children from activity to school to activity – carve out a few moments at the start or end of each day to completely disconnect from the world. or make silence a game with your children. you get what you need and they learn the practice from an early age. win – win.

another beautiful aspect of silence is that your time is what you choose to do with it – quietly, of course. have a bath. meditate. do absolutely nothing. but don’t forget to listen. to your body, your spirit, what-have-you. my silent moments are where i find incredible clarity and inspiration. you’ve really nothing to lose, how about treating yourself to some silence…


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