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hating on hate

it happens way too often. some silly hate-monger does something for attention and in this viral world, news about said hate-monger’s action spreads like wildflowers… giving them the attention that they were seeking in the first place. why do we continually allow the ignorance of others to become our discomfort? and anger, even.

gandhi once said, “hatred can be overcome only by love.” so what do we do when faced with obvious hatred? i’m not  suggesting we ignore the issue – consider the kid who acts out in school – the behavior gets worse when left unattended… we’ve got to get to the heart of the matter. realize that the ignorance spewed by said hate-monger speaks deeply about unresolved issues brewing inside that person. so we must respond with compassion. with empathy. with love.

because when we spread the message of hate – for whatever purpose, we do nothing more than stoke a fire that is already burning out of control. giving rise to others in need of a little attention and/or mental health assistance. instead – let’s put it out. smother that fire with pure love. go to the source of whatever is spreading and ask questions. share our experiences.  show some love.

because hating on a hater will never stop them from hating…


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