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getting shifty

can you feel that? i know that i am not alone in feeling this weirdly cleansing energy swirling about… i’ve heard from a few friends having the same eerily pleasant feeling.even in the midst of that massive hurricane, there’s an inexplicable calm… like the tectonic plates of life are shifting. an earthquake rumbling from within – tossing up those little major issues of life. creation. protection. destruction. om.

initially, i was a bit upset with myself. i didn’t quite understand why i had all kinds of emotions surfacing – good, bad and in between – often, all at the same time. i thought i’d worked through much of the muck appearing. that’s when it occurred to me. every time i experience one of these periods, i also experience immense growth. i am the seed sprouting – just before it breaks ground…

so all this week, i’ve been up and down. hype and happy in one moment. down and out in the next. even to the point of being physically sick. finally, this morning, i awoke with clarity. as if those plates have settled, giving me the opportunity to survey what i am working with today. because yesterday is gone. and life always gives exactly what we need, when we need it. even when it shakes us up a bit.

nothing but humble gratitude for the shift.

be a part of it…

2 comments on “getting shifty

  1. My friends and I have been feeling it. It’s the Harvest Moon, mercury retrograde coming, that Shift and I just read somewhere that all the planets are shifting. Something amazing is happening… 😀

    • Rachel

      it sure is… basking in it. even the low moments!


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