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i’m not afraid

i’ve spent much of my life living in fear. fear of the unknown. fear of rejection. fear of… just about everything! something is happening in me that i don’t quite understand. something is forcing and allowing me to release the fear that once held me captive and completely unable to be comfortable in my authentic self.

little things, like the opportunity to stand up to formerly scary authority figures and speak my truth – without any fear of repercussion – seem to be my life’s theme this week. i’ve become unwilling to bend and/or break when faced with situations that at one time, would have told me to be quiet. to ignore it. to let it pass. not today.

i’m finding myself suddenly willing to take chances. to step out on total faith and honor this woman. to redefine boundaries that were once blurry and broken. to have compassion for those who i, at one time, allowed to bully me. because part of my release is doing unto others…

i wish that i could tell you exactly what happened or is happening to bring this newfound strength – but i cannot. i really don’t know. i will say that almost magically, i’ve developed a profound awareness that i am not seven years old anymore and that playing small – as i learned to do in my formative years – won’t serve me in my thirties. that i really must put away all of those childish things. especially that one involving fear.

9 comments on “i’m not afraid

  1. Jane

    It is an awakening that comes from learning at the School of Hard Knocks. Some will remain in school forever, others graduate and teach with gratitude.

    • Rachel

      so, that’s what it is… i like it!

  2. jaime

    Yes!! Letting go of fear has been the crux of my inner work these past few months – I am feeling all of what you wrote. I too, hear myself saying things and then go whoa! who said that? where did that come from? I don’t know but I like it!! I feel empowered and compassionate, and finally (finally) emerging into my authentic self – it’s funny because for so many years I was living under the assumption that I WAS my authentic self – even though I was ALMOST was, the last part of this metamorphosis was letting go of the the FEAR; which I now understand has been holding me back like a straitjacket. Established in childhood and there ever since – I now see how it has held me back from expressing my creativity, teaching others who are in need of my feminine wisdom and cutting through self imposed boundaries. I am smack dab in the middle of this process but at the point where I feel so excited at night I can’t get to sleep because I can feel the dawn coming … I know that when the last drop of fear has fallen from my psyche i am going to be seriously blissed out and unstoppable. Thank you for this post!! xo J

    • Rachel

      it’s all about the shift. so glad to know that i am not alone in this release. more confirmation that the shift isn’t coming… it’s here!

  3. ~~~S Wave~~~

    Sounds like you are on an important leg of your journey!! May your highest Self continue to burst forth with power and compassion!

    • Rachel

      yes. a period of great awareness has come. truly a blessing. appreciate the wonderful energetic gift… 🙂

  4. I love this post because I can truly relate! I’ve been able to release fear somehow magically too. Jumping outside the box of what is right and proper and truly honoring my TRUTH! Doesn’t it feel so free????? Congratulations!

    • Rachel

      yes! it feels even better knowing that i am not alone in this awareness. so much change is happening within – i know you can relate to that. so glad that we are where we are… 🙂


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