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because being like everyone else is dead

how does your authentic voice sound? yes. your voice. it’s something that writers and singers speak on ad nauseum… but what about yours? going beyond paragraphs and vocal cords, i’m talking about when you speak/think/write/do anything – is it you being expressed – or do you hear/see/feel/read the expressions of others? family? friends? society?

do you find yourself dancing to someone else’s beat? time to stop the friggin music. i know. many of us (myself included) were brainwashed into believing that others know best. but do they really? i mean, think about it. who’s spent more time with you in your life than you? exactly. (unless you’re a conjoined twin).

authenticity is about listening to your heart. trusting your spirit to guide you to where it wants/needs to be. being exactly who you are for you. claiming your life and living it as you see fit. taking that voice, rediscovering its authenticity, then singing it loud and proud. even if others say it’s off-key.

12 comments on “authentically

  1. jlove12

    yes! loved this! i’m doing pretty well about dancing to my own beat, but oh boy do i remember the times where i danced to everyone else’s beat, but mine. i did feel dead, and i was going to be until i changed things. where you don’t live for you, you just start to get depressed. there’s no other way than to claim your life and live authentically you. thank you for posting this! =)

    • Rachel

      thank you for sharing your experience! sounds an awful lot like mine. glad we’re both looking from the other side of that madness. 🙂

  2. jlove12

    yes indeed!

  3. riemkusa

    Hi there,

    Sometimes even if you try to copy someone or something you end up expressing a side of your individuality. Taking your example of writing with your own voice, if I were to try and write detective novels in the style of Sir Conan Doyle, even though I would copying or being unoriginal to a degree, my own personality or style would still dominate.

    When we call something inauthentic, we are generally making a comparison to the thing we think it is copying. Yet, if we drop comparisons entirely, then everyone is original.

    Just some ideas anyway!

    • Rachel

      i appreciate your comment… i never intended to call anything inauthentic – it’s about living however one sees fit – instead of living for others. even if one is taking cues from someone else – as long as they’re doing it from a place that is for them – then that is what matters. it’s when we allow the coulds/shoulds/woulds of others permeate our thoughts and actions that we lose our authenticity.

      • riemkusa

        Yeah, and by that you’re implying that one can be inauthentic.

        • Rachel

          no reason to argue semantics with you. love and light.

  4. ~~~S Wave~~~

    I loved this post. My “lost” my voice in an unhealthy relationship a few months back and am finding it again now. Now I feel more empowered than ever!!

    • Rachel

      yes! that’s where i’d lost mine. from a very early age. so happy that you’ve discovered yours. it’s quite lovely, huh?

      thanks for reading. i’m on my way to your site. 🙂

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