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below is an actual excerpt from a conversation i had on facebook yesterday. needed to share this. think about it people…

friend of a friend on fb:  what really scares me is that with four more years of the same, we won’t be able to recognize this great nation.

my response:  as i read these posts, only one question comes to mind… what won’t be recognizable about this nation?  because if we truly read and accept history for what it is, nothing has changed. politicians do and say what they will to get elected into office.  obama, romney, bush, clinton… and then they ALL bow to their corporate backers to do their bidding. it’s the name of the game. and it isn’t new. over 100 years ago, justice john marshall harlan* – in his infamous standard oil dissent stated that america would create another kind of slavery if we continued to favor corporations who control the sale and production of the necessaries of life. something that was recognizable 100 years ago. and recognizable right about now. so… I ask you again – what won’t be recognizable about this nation with 4 more years of the same crap that’s been happening for 400? the politicians and the corporations won’t change anything.  it’s up to us to take individual responsibility. be the change we wish to see in the world instead of pretending that one man will do it for us.

English: Judge John Marshall Harlan, Supreme Court

the great dissenter (photo credit: wikipedia)

*no worries, if you don’t know this guy. he’s only the best damned supreme court justice ever.  read his dissent in plessy v. ferguson and tell me otherwise.


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