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sallie mae

it’s been twenty-six weeks since they laid me off

& the post office isn’t hiring.

i said.

the POST OFFICE isn’t hiring.

you see, there used to be this thing

called the american dream

but it’s been borrowed against the children

of my children’s children

& i ain’t even got kids.

& now.  uncle sam wants his money back.

& i ain’t got it.

i said.

i ain’t got it.

it’s not like i wanted the crap he was selling

but he gave me two options – education or felon

and when he finally sold me on that bullshit dream…

that asshole raised the price.

when i’d a been better off without her.

i said.

i’d a been better off without her.

{in honor of my first spoken word performance tonight @ tongue/sentient bean – savannah} 🙂

2 comments on “sallie mae

  1. Eclectic Jade


  2. Nice!!!!! Would love to have seen that live!!!!!


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