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one hundred.

this is my hundredth post on this site… it’s been a long time coming, as my last post came a few months back, at the beginning of an incredibly epic … Continue reading

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you never no

and nope, that’s not a typo. although, it definitely means how it sounds… it is true, one can never really be absolutely, positively, definitely sure of what’s ahead – especially … Continue reading

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in good conscience

to what is your moral compass set? is it based upon what others would think if they knew…? do you look to see whether someone else might offer (dis)approval before … Continue reading

2014/08/23 · 5 Comments

take a bow

this goes out to you. you. and you… 🙂 i went to sleep last night and awoke this morning with so much gratitude in my heart i can hardly contain … Continue reading

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seeds…pushing through the pavement

a few days back, i shared a bit of information about pushing through the pavement: a permaculture action tour. in that post, i stated that we all have the ability to … Continue reading

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poetry: exposed

really exposed… what you are about to see is what happens when one isn’t completely prepared. or perfect. even though everything always is. i seriously pondered for a moment on … Continue reading

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permaculture in action and on the road

for those of you who’ve read my book that shares much of its name with this site, you’ll understand the impact that permaculture has had on my life. for those … Continue reading

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today’s energy

each day, i draw from a deck of energy cards. the card grounds me in existing energy and reminds me of what i must cultivate...

today's energy is:

resonance... mmm, you feel that?

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